Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Where are they now?

People come and go in our lives. Do you ever wonder what they are up to now, or look back and ask why they were in your life at a certain time?

If you have moved several times over your life time or, perhaps, not, you have met and been friends with people in high-school, college, in the town you grew up in, in the current town you live in and maybe places in-between.  You have been in places of worship and met people, in business groups, and in different jobs.  Also if you have children they have been in different activities where you have met people.


Do you ever look back and think about how grateful you are, for all of these different people that have been in your life at all these different stages.  You may not still be in touch with them, you may have lost touch, or you may still be actively involved friends.

Do some introspection. It really is a blessing to have different people placed in your life at all these different times. As an example some may have just been a casual friends, while others may have gotten you through life altering times.

When these people come back to the forefront of your mind, do you ever reach out to them? (That is if you still have their contact information).  Do you call them or text them? Send them a message through social media?

Next Steps

If someone from your past pops into your head, think about reaching out to them.  Maybe it is at a time they need to hear from you.  We never know what anyone is going through at any given time. It may be the reason they came into your thoughts.

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