Sunday, 9 Aug 2020
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When things go wrong & you want to cry “UNCLE”

Ever have one of those days, which turns into weeks and then months?

Ever want to just cry “Uncle”?  Your car breaks down, something at home breaks, and you break a tooth or get sick; you get the idea. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop, asking yourself, can anything else go wrong?

How do you get out of the funk that this can put you in?  You may be having a stretch of time that everything is going well, making great strides, getting ahead in life and “BAM”. You may ask yourself am I bringing this on myself. Well there are a lot of things out of our control, which we don’t bring on ourselves. That’s key in understanding. Things break, illness happens, and the timing may not be your choice, but really, when is a good time? Do you ever sit with your calendar and say “oh, right here I have time for a flat tire”?

Sometimes the tornado of sh*t that is following you, makes you wonder why someone wants to be your friend. They may think it’s contagious, or who wants to hear my woes.  True friends don’t care, they are just there for you. Count yourself lucky for the ones that do hang around through thick and thin.

Breaking the cycle:

How do you break the cycle or end the bad cycle.  Well the first thing is to not let the small things bother you, so they don’t snowball and become big things.  They may not seem small to you, but in the overall picture, there are smaller issues vs larger problems.

Have someone to talk to, that won’t judge you, but will be supportive and also give you a different perspective, a different way of looking at the situation. Be open to suggestions on how to deal with something. Don’t let it turn you negative, where you don’t want to hear options or suggestions.  When you are feeling like this, even uplifting quotes on social media can be hard to swallow.

Start by dealing with the small things you can change first, then everything won’t seem so overwhelming.  Once you start accomplishing some of these items, you will start to feel some of the weight lift off your shoulders.  This doesn’t remove the fact that some of the things you might be dealing with are very heavy burdens, and that you don’t have a right to be pissed.  You are allowed to have a pity party, but don’t let that pity party take over your life.

If you have a hobby or something that brings you joy, take some time to do that while everything else is swirling around you. Let it take your mind off of the negative and bring you happiness. This can Reset your Mindset.

What gets you through times when you just want to cry “Uncle”? There isn’t a magic cure, but there are ways of dealing with it, you will get through it and be stronger on the other side.


Update – since this was posted – have been to the dentist for a broken (tooth) cap, and had a temporary put on until the new cap comes in.  Not planned for at this time. 

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