Sunday, 9 Aug 2020

Input – Overwhelmed – Too Much Information

Do you every feel overwhelmed with how much information is out there, and accessible to us.  Do you collect links, articles, information to look at later because you might be able to use it? Then when you go through it, you still have 12 different piles of information. (Yes true reality).

There are so many resources and “experts” who think they know what is best for us, but do they?

If you have your own business, write a blog, or even do social media, you want a greater reach.  There are so many people yelling out there, telling you how to do it. Post “X” amount of times, on these days at these specific times.  Buy my plan, let me tell you how, or FREE download of how to do what worked for me. Then on top of these messages you receive, the social networks send you notifications every few minutes about what everyone else is doing, perhaps you’d be interested? I know you can turn off notifications, but there is still tons of noise out there.

Back to the piles of information collected. How do you find it best to organize your resources?  I find writing them on pads to start, helps me to retain what I have. I am a very visual person. If I read a newspaper and see an ad, I’ll remember if it was on the left side or right side of the paper as well as what section and where it was in the paper.  I believe when I write things down, I retain the information more than just listening to a speaker or reading something.

When do we have enough information? When do we have enough resources? Is there a better resource or website out there? Do you think you might miss something if you stop looking? I think we have to stop collecting resources until we finish going through what we have already, and determine if those resources will work for us. We need to be diligent, stay organized, and set a schedule for our days of the week. For example, maybe you only post on other people’s pages 2x’s a week and don’t feel like you have to respond every hour of every day.

Who to follow and who has the best information. There are so many “experts” out there, you can drive yourself crazy, and spend all day and all night reading their materials, watching their facebook lives, and youtube videos.  It may be best to see who you connect with most and discard some of the others. Cull down the noise, stay focused and don’t add any more to your plate.

So back to the 12 piles of information, and time to put them in their proper place, and move on.

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