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What is the best month to buy certain products and get a good deal?

What is the best month to buy certain products and get a good deal?

Sales come and go throughout the year, but there are certain products that usually go on sale at certain times of the year.  Some items go on sale after a specific holiday, but stocking up on some of those things may not be a necessity (i.e. – Valentines candy, Easter Candy or Halloween candy) especially if you are watching your sugar intake.

Watch for sales, compare pricing at stores and online, and if you find better sales on other months than listed here, then wait for those times to make your purchases.  You will note some products are listed in more than one month. This is because it either carries over to another month, or it may have been added to a holiday special sale. This is just a rough guide from previous year’s sales, and industry cycles.

Do you ever check online pricing while you are in a physical store? Have you asked the store to match the online price? Some stores will do that since you are already there and ready to purchase.

Have you found certain products on sale at different times than what is listed here? If so please share with us.

January: (New Years day; Martin Luther King)

Bedding and linens
Fitness equipment and scales
TVs and electronics.
Travel (for future summer trips)
Winter clothes
Tax Software

February: (Valentines; Presidents day)

Winter items. (cold weather products, apparel and winter sports gear)
Home Goods and mattresses
Chocolates (right after Valentine’s Day)

March: (St. Patrick’s day)

Tax Software
St. Patricks Day essentials (after the holiday)

April: (Easter)

Spring Apparel
Easter Candy (day after Easter markdowns)
Lawn mowers



May: (Mothers day; Memorial day)

Spring Apparel; swimsuits
Small Kitchen appliances
Mattresses (Memorial Day sales)

June: (Fathers day)

Gym memberships
Movie Tickets




July: (Independence day)

Patriotic Items
Personal electronics


Back to School Supplies (and office supplies)
Outdoor products including lawn mowers and other seasonal outdoor equipment; camping gear




September: (Labor day)

Computers (right after back to school rush is over)
Cars (start of model year end inventory clearance)

October: (Columbus day; Halloween)

Outdoor furniture
Bicycles – (sales on last year’s models)
Candy (after Halloween)

November: (Thanksgiving)

Home Appliances

December: (Christmas)

Christmas Decorations (some before but most after)
Cars – (unique situation -Last day of the year, last month of the year, you can work with some car dealers to get the deal done, so it’s on their books as a completed sale before year end.)

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