Friday, 19 Jul 2019
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Are you being “Diligent” in your life or at work?

I know some people may cringe at the word “Diligent”. It means you need to be steadfast in your goals, and is not a dirty word. It keeps you on message and moving forward.

Some simple ways you can be diligent are:

Remove distractions. Too much time on the internet, your phone or in front of the television can distract you from your goals.

Consequently, we can become distracted very easily once we get on social media. Scrolling and scrolling. Try to keep time limits or set specific times you go to these platforms to keep you on track of your goals.

Television time has changed over the years, as there weren’t streaming services awhile back, so when the commercials came on you could get up and work on a chore.  Now with streaming services available, you could binge watch for hours and not move.

Keep yourself organized with to-do lists. You can make separate lists for urgent, high-priority, and low-priority tasks.

What a great idea of prioritizing your to-do list.  We can all fall into the mindset that everything has the same level of importance, where realistically they can be broken down as to “most important” – must get done today and “less important” – needs to get done this week.


In other words, even things that aren’t on your to-do list can be prioritized as to what needs to be completed today and later in the week. Of course appointments and meals have set schedules, but chores can be divided up over time.

Use time efficiently.

Given these points, diligent behavior is indicative of a good work ethic. An example of this would be someone who does their job efficiently and takes care of all the little details.  This can be applied to your personal life by doing things with perseverance and tenacity.

How do you keep yourself on target and moving forward? Have you removed or added anything to your schedule to help with this?

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