Monday, 27 May 2019
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9 Reasons Why Being Alone is Good for You

Do you feel guilty when you want to be by yourself? There is nothing wrong with wanting time to clear your mind, and not have outside noise. With technology and cell phones being part of us, we are never alone.  Long gone are the times when the phone was at home on the wall, and when you left the house, you interacted with the outside world. If you went for a walk to clear your mind, you didn’t have a cell phone ringing in your pocket.


Where do you go, when you want private/down time? Do you just sit in quiet, go out for a walk/hike, sit in the tub? Some people (usually mom’s with small children) literally have to go into a closet to get some quiet alone time. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, as long as you are alone and can free your mind from distractions.

How Long?

How long is the right amount of “alone” time? Will 15 minutes do it? An hour? Are you choosing to be alone to regroup and for personal development? This is good. If you are choosing to be alone for too long and too often, it can lead to feelings of being isolated, lonely and maybe even depressed. Our alone time varies from person to person. Make sure you check in with yourself, because socialization is also an important part of our well being.


On the power of positivity site they share these great reasons and benefits of being alone.

1. Being alone clears the mind.
2. Being alone fosters creativity.
3. Being alone builds confidence.
4. Being alone encourages independence.
5. Being alone clarifies perceptions.
6. Being alone diminishes stress and anxiety.
7. Being alone establishes priorities.
8. Being alone boosts productivity.
9. Being alone strengthens relationships.

Given these points, our alone time should be based on what works for us.  Do you feel better after a certain amount of time or do you need more time the next time you decide to be alone? There seems to be a different answer for everyone. Find your sweet spot and allow for adjustments.

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