Monday, 27 May 2019

The Depth of Your Integrity


In my morning reading the other day the heading for the day was – “You must have Integrity” and there was a list of questions to ask yourself to test the depth of your integrity:

If you want to test the depth of your integrity, consider these questions:

♦ How transparent are you with others?

♦ How well do you treat people from whom you have nothing to gain?

♦ Do you assume different personas depending on who you’re with?

♦ Do you put others ahead of your own personal agenda?

♦ Do you love people and use things, or love things and use people?

♦ Do you make difficult decisions even when it costs you personally?

♦ When you have something to say about somebody, do you talk to them or talk about them?

♦ Are you accountable to anybody other than yourself?

You may succeed momentarily because of what you know or do, but you’ll only succeed permanently because of what you are.

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