Sunday, 9 Aug 2020

Projection Alarm Clock with Wi-Fi by La Crosse

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We replaced our old alarm clock a few months ago, with this Wi-Fi Projection Alarm Clock by La Crosse. It is so much smaller and slimmer than our previous clock radio. Yes we still had a clock radio on the night table. You can adjust the light level of the screen as well as the projection brightness on the ceiling (3 settings). You can turn the ceiling projection on and off, so it’s not shining during the day, as well as manually focus it. The display screen is large and sharp, which allows it to be seen across the room without a problem. So when you are rushing around the room getting ready, you can quickly glance and get the time.

Wi-Fi Features

We haven’t hooked it up with the Wi-Fi yet, but are looking forward to having the outside temperature available. Without the Wi-Fi it it still tells you the room temperature and humidity levels in the room. It has a charging port for phone and other USB devices. The display has the day of the week and the date, as well as the moon cycle, which is interesting, because when we were having the Lunar eclipse coming up, there was no moon on the screen. We thought the clock was broken, but actually, there was no moon view a few days prior to the eclipse.

When the Wi-Fi is hooked up and you utilize the La Crosse View App, you will be able to receive push notifications, local weather and add personal messages.

A lot of people use their phones as an alarm, but we have found this projection alarm clock enjoyable for all of the features it offers, plus you can charge your phone with it.



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